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Reach Your Growth Vision

Hitting a plateau in your business happens. Changing market conditions, reactive customers, and demands on your time shape your sales and marketing effectiveness. Uncertainty on how to move forward can be overwhelming.

We get it.

We’ve been in your shoes juggling the weight of a P&L while looking for more horsepower to fuel revenue growth. Uncertainty is a fact of running a business, but it doesn’t have to rule your world. We help business owners and leaders like you define and reach their growth vision.


Your Path to Growth

Speak Your Truth

Get us up to speed on your business. We actively listen to your goals and needs in our first conversation.

Drive Change with Direction

Next, we evaluate sales and marketing processes and deliver an assessment to build a plan toward achieving growth.

Get Growing

From automating sales tasks to executing inbound marketing campaigns, it’s time to grow. We coach your teams and measure the impact.


Marketing and Sales Consulting that Ignites Growth

In three core areas, our team helps your SMB soar to new heights.

Inbound Marketing

Attract more buyers with inbound marketing aligned to your sales goals. From content planning, lead generation, to nurturing your prospects we focus on growing revenue.

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Inbound Sales

Transform your sales process from selling to helping. Sales enablement, marketing & sales alignment, and modern toolbox are the oil for your sales engine.

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Business Consulting

Your roadmap to growth lies in a strategic plan that defines your brand’s sales and marketing mission. We act as an extension of your team to get you to the next destination.

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About TRAC-M

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses impact their local communities. With decades of experience working with national brands and running small businesses, I launched TRAC-M to help leaders transform their marketing and sales efforts.

We’re P&L-minded sales and marketing pros. Your bottom line is always top of mind, but we also realize that success isn’t one size fits all.

Our solutions are custom-made for you, focusing on tracking top-line growth, progress, and outcomes.

tom-feary-principal-consultant-trac-m TOM FEARY, FOUNDER

Brands We've Worked With


We're HubSpot Certified

Being a HubSpot Solutions Partner means more to us than our capabilities using the platform. It means we’re all in on inbound sales and marketing.

We champion that companies need to stop selling and start helping. We are lifelong learners and advocates of attracting audiences with relevant, compelling content that answers questions and provides value.

Implementing HubSpot as the engine for your inbound sales and marketing efforts means you can do more in less time. It’s the central hub for all your efforts, delivering automation, organization, insights, and more. Adopting this technology will be critical in your transformation.

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    We love connecting with people. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help. We’ll do our best to listen to your needs and share our ideas to help point you on the right path to positive revenue growth.